What's going on?

The life of our church is vibrant and diverse, with a wide range of activities and groups that cater to the needs of all members. From opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship, to social events and activities that build stronger connections within our community, there’s always something happening. We understand that spiritual growth doesn’t just happen on Sunday mornings and so we provide various activities and groups, like Bible studies and prayer groups, that help deepen one’s relationship with God. Also, we have social events and activities that bring the members together and help building a strong sense of community and belonging. Additionally, we have programs that cater to children and youth, which help them grow and develop in their faith while having fun. In our church, there’s something for everyone, and we invite you to come and be a part of the exciting life of our church.

Sunday Mornings

We come together at 10:30am on Sundays for a time of worship, prayer, and hearing from God’s word. Our gatherings include times of worship, during which we sing songs of praise and give honour to God. We also have a time of prayer where we lift up our petitions and needs to God as well as hear from God’s word, where a message from the Bible is shared. 

About half-way through the service, the children go to their own separate group where they learn about God in a way that is age-appropriate with crafts, stories and games. After the service is concluded, we all join together for a social time over coffee where we have a chance to catch up and strengthen our community bonds. It is an uplifting and inspiring time of fellowship where we can come together as one and connect with one another through shared experiences of worship, prayer and hearing the word of God.

Children & Youth

Church is like a giant family and it’s great to have a whole range of ages involved. As part of this, we know how important it is to provide activities and support for children and their parents. This can be seen through groups during the week, some just for the children and some for the parents too. We also make sure to cater for our children in our times of gathering together.


Discipleship is a vital aspect of the Christian faith and is essential for the growth and development of believers. Discipleship goes beyond just attending Sunday services and includes opportunities for deeper study and understanding of the Bible, as well as regular times of prayer. At Bilston Baptist, we recognise the importance of this and provide various resources and activities to support the spiritual formation of our members. We have Bible study groups that meet regularly for a deeper look at scripture, and also have regular times of prayer to nurture our relationship with God. By providing opportunities for discipleship, we aim to help our members grow in their faith and become mature followers of Jesus.


The social life of a church plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among both church members and the local community. We understand the importance of social interaction and have therefore created a variety of activities and groups to provide opportunities for people to connect with one another and form meaningful relationships. We also believe that a strong social life within the church is essential for the spiritual growth and development of our members.

Previous Gatherings

Catch up with video of our previous Sunday gatherings and teaching.