It is always a privilege to celebrate the start of a marriage between two people. As part of a Christian wedding service, the individuals make promises before God, as well as family and friends, to love and care for one another through thick and thin. Our building is also registered so that we can legally marry two individuals of the opposite gender.

If you would like to get married within our church, then please contact our minister, Ben, who will give you more information on the process – both practical and legal. It is likely that we will arrange to meet you a few times before the day as part of preparation for the commitment that you will make.

Our standard fee is £450, subject to any special requirements. If price would be a barrier to you then please get in touch with us to discuss further.


Baptism is a point at which someone commits themselves to God; choosing to be disciples, or apprentices, to His way of life. Because of this, we believe baptism is something that people choose to do of their own accord, understanding the commitment that it entails. We therefore don’t baptise infants but those who can declare their faith for themselves. For those looking to bring their child before God in thanksgiving please see below ‘Child Thanksgivings’.

Following God’s way for our lives is best done in community with others and so there is an element to Baptism that joins the believer with other Christians both within the local and global church. For this reason, those we baptise are usually a regular part of our church life and one aspect of the Baptism service is a commitment to being part of local church fellowship.

Child Thanksgivings

It is a joy to welcome new life, and as part of our Sunday Gatherings we make space to give thanks for children and babies. We would love to help you give thanks to God for your child and celebrate a new arrival with friends and family. For more information please get in touch with our minister, Ben.


We are able to walk with you in your time of grief and help you as you plan a funeral for your loved one. Funerals can be held at the church building followed by a burial or crematorium service if desired. Our minister may also be available to lead a funeral held solely at a burial or crematorium location. If you would like us to be part of this time then let your funeral director know, or feel free to contact us directly. Our standard fee for a funeral held at the church and followed by a burial or cremation is £350.