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17th October

Good Morning/Afternoon,

Hope you are all O.K.!

Please find below the link for the Service on Sunday 18/10/20

It Premieres at 10:15am



11th October

The service will premier at at 10:15am

4th October


Hi all!

From Sunday 4/10/20 Bideford Baptist Church will be returning to their building, the services will still be recorded, but will not be available till later. So the Deacons at Bilston have decided to start up our own video services starting this week.

The Youtube link for this week's service is and will "hopefully" be available from 10:15. As this is the first time we have done this things can go wrong, so I apologise in advance!
For the future if anyone is prepared to do a short video of a prayer, bible reading or even be very brave and do a short talk (10m-15mins) we would be extremely grateful, let me know.

Bideford Sermons

27th September

20th September

13th September

6th September - Communion Service

30th August

23rd August

16th August

9th August

2nd  August

26th July

19th July

12th July Sermon

5th July

28th June

21st July Sermon

Sunday 14th June

Here is the link to tomorrows service, it will go live at 10:30am.

It is more of a family service, with a few different people taking part. Thanks to all who have contributed..

Hope you enjoy it

Every blessing,


Sunday 7th June: Communion Service

This service starts at 10:30 am.

Pentecost Sunday

Hope you have had a good day.

Below is the link for tomorrows service. It will be available on the Bideford Baptish church Facebook page as well from 10:30 tomorrow, Sunday. Josh tells me that Facebook queried one of the songs in today's service. He thinks it is sorted and will play but there is a possibility it may just go silent. Sorry if that happens it does just relate to Facebook.

Also as we have just launched our own Bideford Baptist Church Youtube page, which is where the link will take you. The service is due to go live from 10:30 tomorrow as well. You don't have to watch the services on Facebook or youtube at 10:30 tomorrow they will be available from 10:30. Having our own Youtube page should mean if people search Youtube for Bideford Baptist Church they should find the page and whatever we put on it.

Hope it all makes sense and you enjoy the Pentecost Service.

Any questions get in touch

Every blessing,



24th May

Please find below the link for the service. Due to some technical problems the link is to Vimeo rather than Youtube but trust it all works well for you. As a result unfortunately there will not be any subtitles this week hope it doesn't cause any major issues for you,

Every blessing,


24th May Service

17th May

Trust you are well and have had a good week. Below is the link for tomorrows service and an explanation if you need the subtitles and they don't appear.
Every blessing,

10th May

Please find below the link for tomorrows service. Hope it helps in this time of lockdown.

Every blessing,


May 10th Sermon

Communion Sermon: 2nd May

Please find below the link for tomorrows service. It may not have subtitles on so if you want them click on the symbol at the bottom right of your screen. It may differ on each computer but if you run the mouse over the different symbols it should come up with a c for captions and you just click for them to be shown on the screen. If you are watching on your phone tap the screen then press the cog symbol. At the top you should see captions. Press that and then move from off to English United Kingdom then press done, then ok and subtitles should appear. Apologies for any problem you may have but if you are happy without subtitles you don't need to do anything.

Also to remind you that the service includes Communion so if you wish to join in with Communion then have some bread and a drink ready.

Every blessing,


Sunday 26th April:
Please find below the link to tomorrows service. I trust you will enjoy and benefit from it. I mention at the start of the service that next week we will be having another communion. So if you want to take part make sure you have some bread and a drink ready,
Every blessing,

18th April Service

Trust this finds you well. Please find below the link for the service,

Every blessing,

11th April

Easter Sunday Service

Happy Easter to you all, may you have a blessed weekend.

Please find below the link to tomorrows service.

Every blessing,

Communion Sermon: 5th April 2020

5th April Communion Service

Hope you are all well. Above is the link to this weeks service. We do apologise if the sound is not as it should be especially during communion. We had a few technical issues but trust it is all sorted for next week.
Also to remind you that during the service we will be sharing communion so if you want to take part then please have some bread and a drink ready before you start.
Every blessing,

Sunday 29th Maths 2020

Good Evening,

I never expected to be sending you this, but then we never expected to face such a time as this. Trust you will all be able to focus on God as we journey through this together.

I am happy to send you the Bible Study mentioned in the service if you would like me to, just let me know.

Below is the link to tomorrows service which is available now, thanks to Josh for the filming and the editing.

29th March Sermon

Every blessing,

Take care


Sunday 22nd March

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Message and Sermon by Adrian Lloyd.  Links to songs and sermon on Youtube.

Greetings to you all,

Below are the links you need to follow this weeks service. If you click on the top one it should take you to the service we recorded. As you listen, if you pause at the appropriate times and click on the links for the hymns as instructed you should be able to listen, to sing to your hearts content and then return to the service. We hope it works for you and if you have any suggestions about how it could be improved let us know. To start with we thought this was the best way of doing it, but who knows as time goes on.

I have also included the link about Light a Candle of Hope at the bottom of the page.

Blessings to you all

Adrian and Cath


 22nd March Service

1.         Be thou my vision

2.         Who paints the skys

3.         God forgave my sin

4.         In Christ Alone

5.        Abide in me

Selly Park Baptist Church Sermons

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A link to the Selly Park Baptist Church Service.  Click on the link, it will take you to all the videos posted.  Click on the latest video with Mark Simmons to hear his sermons.

Latest Message from Mark Simmons

Palm Sunday service:

Mark's Sermon today: Click on the link below


Mark Simmons (Sermon only)

Sermon on Sunday 15th March 2020 (Full Service)

Speaker Mark Simmons

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