Kings Club

Hi Everyone, we hope you are keeping well at school and at home. We can’t wait until we are able to have you back at church when the restrictions are lifted, but in the meantime lets learn stay safe, have fun and learn online about Jesus.

Lessons will appear here every fortnight! Click on the links to find the Lessons and watch the videos which tell the story for each week. The lessons are in the links below and the associated videos are below the lessons.

January 3 Lesson                               January 31st Lesson                       February 14th Lesson                    February 28th Lesson                     March 14th Lesson                         March 28th Lesson                        2nd May Lesson

March 28th Lesson: Hello Everyone. Today is Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week.
March 14th Lesson: Today is Mothering Sunday, a special day when we remember to say thank you to Mums and those special ladies who care for us and look after us.
February 28th Lesson: Hello Everybody! Today we are thinking and learning more about the season of Lent.
February 14th Lesson: Hello Everyone. Today is Valentines Day and our lesson today is going to be about Love.
January 31st Lesson: Hello Everyone, today we are going to learn about a man called Zacchaeus. He had made some wrong decisions in his life but after he met Jesus, his changed forever.
January 3rd Lesson: Happy New Year!